The Long Rides


Back in 2010, Mary and I tackled our first big cycling journey. The 600km ride from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean crossed 20 of the highest cols in the Pyrenees including the renowned Tourmalet. We were hooked!

Our Blog begins in the following year, April 2011,when we started preparations for our cycling adventure on the EuroVelo 7 “Route to the Sun”. Travelling down the length of Europe from Nordkapp, the most northern point, to Malta in the south, we started in lands where the rivers were still frozen and the sun shone at midnight. 7,000 km later we completed our trip in arid Mediterranean countryside with temperatures often above 40 degrees.

Mary leaving Nordkapp

EV7 and EV6
(Our Variation in Green)
Southern Italy

2012 saw our old bones back on the bikes with the intention of cycling the EV6 “Rivers Route” from Nantes to Constanta. Didn't quite complete the 4000km when Old Broken Bones came off her bike. Read the blog for the full saga.

Our Route starts from Limoges
It's March 2014 and we werere off again. Leaving our home in central France and heading for Santiago de Compostella. It's an old Pilgrim's route now well frequented by travellers from all over the world. We were not the first Welsh to visit this area! Our celtic ancestors settled here c. 1,000BC  giving rise to the Celtiberian tribes. Felt quite at home.

2015 and another ride. This time its the Velodyssey, a cycle route down the length of France from Roscoff to Hendaye. 1400kms. Wll post the maps later. Look forward to your company.