Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A Postponement?

Monday  1  June - Bouin
And so it ends! Some 750 kms from our destination the cracked or bruised ribs have won the day. Disappointed? Of course. Relieved though, that the damage Al has sustained will heal as long as he doesn’t laugh too much! The very thought! Some patience will be required as these old bones mend a little more slowly than hitherto.
The phone call was made and poor old Bren has missed out on St. Jean yet again! Not that he or Deborah gave any evidence of genuine disappointment, they just upped sticks, collected the car and drove the four and a halve hours to our hotel! What a pair of mates to have. Not that Brendan didn’t take of advantage of the situation to take the p….s. His hip having made a considerable recovery, he was in a position to mock my poor old man. Did them both good!
(But we have a solution to St. Jean; when himself is better we may well complete the ride by starting in St. Jean and finishing in our hotel in Bouin. So watch this space – again!)

Once again, our thanks to all those folk who followed the blog and kept us going with words of encouragement or abuse, and to all those who have subsequently telephoned to check on Al’s condition. I do look forward to continuing this blog after a short or long interval and bid you all adieu in the meantime.